Preserving the history of the 2nd Chemical Battalion and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps
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Operations of the
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion
in World War II
Operations of 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion 1942-1945
  FINDING MY FATHER'S WAR: The 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion in World War II

Descended from the 1st Gas and Flame Regiment in World War I, the 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion brought the 4.2-inch chemical mortar to World War II. In 510 days of combat the battalion fought through seven campaigns, three amphibious invasions and a glider assault into France. Beginning in Sicily under General George S. Patton's Seventh Army,  the battalion fought north thorugh Italy to Rome, then into southern France and Germany, liberating the Dachau concentration camp and Hitler's Bechtesgaden mountain retreat.

Finding My Father's War tells the story of this battalion for the first time. Based on inteviews with veterans, original photographs and documents, Walt Eldredge has captured what happened and what it was like to be there...

     "Walt knows more about my old outfit than I do!"
                          - LTC Robert Breaks, first combat commander of the battalion

      "Somehow, in a previous life, he was a member of a mortar squad!"  
                         - 1SG Bob Moyer, A Company

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